About 9to5poker and Poker Vlogs 

Welcome to 9to5poker! We are a group of passionate grinders who want to share our love for the game with you. Although we may never see a poker boom like we did after Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event in 2003, it is our mission to contribute to the growth of poker as much as we can.

As big fans of all the new poker vlogs that have recently burst onto the scene, we want to provide you with an easy to access, directory of all the top poker vloggers. If you don’t have time to watch and keep up with all of them, we have a brand new forum with sections for each respective vlogger. Here you can read the latest information on what has been going on in each respective poker vlog. And what has the fans talking. A News Views and Gossip or Las Vegas Lifestyle so to speak.  All past poker vlog videos will be archived, so you can conveniently kick back with a beer and popcorn in hand, and binge watch to catch up on all the action.

For those of you unfamiliar with poker vlogs, 9to5poker highly recommends that you check them out. Poker vlogs are then newest form of poker media, with most of credit going to the OG, TheTrooper97 himself. The Casey Neistat of poker vlogs so to speak. He was doing this for nearly two years all by himself, a one man show, before anyone else really started doing it. Some of his videos actually date back nearly 5 years and he’s closing in on nearly 700 videos! Rayz Rayl is another OG. And a guy whom doesn’t yet get enough credit. He is most well known for his thread on 2+2 titled Started with a $1/$2nl Challenge, Now We’re Here.

Tappan was the next guy to get in the mix. He came onto the scene and put a new spin on things, covering hand histories while filming at the table, and doing voice overs of his thought processes. Unfortunately he is taking a break from the pokerz. Meanwhile he is still putting out some cool active lifestyle content around the greater Las Vegas area, but until he gets back on the grind we won’t be featuring him on our site. We still recommend checking his YouTube channel out though, as all of his past videos when he was on the grind are archived.

We have found all of the poker vlogs to be great learning/studying tools, and not to mention very entertaining. All the while providing a glimpse into the lifestyle of a true grinder. It is a great way to vicariously live the dream of being a professional poker player, and keep you in the action when you might be out of the action and unable to get to a poker table due to life happenstance. All of the poker vlogs take you on the emotional roller coaster of being a grinder, and each of their journeys and stories are unique.

For beginners we recommend starting out with Andrew Neeme. He seems to be the consensus, hands down, undisputed best poker vlogger per the poker community. And it would be hard for us to disagree. He came onto the scene after TheTrooper97, and Tappan, but gained traction quickly. His Youtube channel experienced rapid growth in a short amount of time, and he came onto the scene guns blazing. Between his cinematography/editing skills, humble persona, and just being an all around crusher, people in the poker community took notice. He took a page out of Tappan’s book, giving very insightful, in depth hand histories, often going through his thought process at a high level. Andrew also was the first poker vlogger to utilize drones in his vlogs, getting epic shots from Vegas to LA to Chicago, New Orleans and San Diego, Detroit, Ohio, and he most recently went International to Barcelona. He is the Anthony Bourdain of Poker Vlogs. Andrew is also one of the only vloggers other than Jake Cody  and Brad Owen whom play above the lower stakes. Andrew mainly plays 5/10 No Limit Holdem, and 2/5 No Limit, so things can get pretty juicy, with the occasional big swings as you might imagine.

Don’t just stop with Andrew though, as there are many other talented and interesting vloggers putting out great content. The great thing is that they all offer something a little different. Check out Brad Owen, MTT grinder Jeff Boski, and Cash Game and Tournament Crusher Jake Cody. If you’re a family man, Rayz Rayl might resonate with you the most. For pure entertainment, and a vlog with all around great energy, check out the Pokerkraut. He is a hilarious German who will guaranteed give you some good laughs. Zac Rockwell is the newest addition to 9to5. Zac is a high stakes Limit Holdem grinder. Based out of the beautiful state of Washington, Zac often takes trips out to LA to play in the 40/80 games at Commerce Casino. We are adding new poker vlogs by the day, so be sure to check them all out and find your favorites in our directory.

As you can see, each poker vlogger offers something a little different. Here at 9to5poker we highly recommend giving them all a chance. And be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE their videos so you can receive updates every time they release a new poker vlog, and more importantly help them monetize their poker vlogs for all their hard work! We hope to help all of the poker vloggers gain more exposure as the market for them is still largely untapped.

We plan to focus more on the current influx of video poker content in all forms. In addition to the poker vlogs, we will cover all relevant news related to them, with an array of articles and interviews. Check out Doug Polk, Joey Ingram, The Poker Guys, and Alec Torelli’s YouTube Channels under our “YouTube” section as well. Doug Polk has even recently jumped on the bandwagon and started mixing in his own version of a poker vlog. These are great channels for more advanced poker theory to help take your game to the next level.

We want 9to5poker to essentially be a One Stop Shop for all poker related video content. Nice and organized so you can easily click through the various options. As fans of poker vlogs first, we found everything to be a bit scattered on YouTube, and would often miss new vlogs that got lost in the mix. Here you can easily access your favorite vloggers with ease, and new vlogs are uploaded to our site at the same time they are loaded to YouTube. We will also provide reviews of online poker sites and how to get the biggest bonuses, as well as reviews on various poker training sites, and alternative, effective ways we have found to generate income to build your bankroll.

As entrepreneurs at heart, and our main motivation being to avoid the 9to5 grind, we want to share with you other ways we have successfully found to make money without a boss. Maybe we are making a big assumption here, but if you are a poker player, I think some of your motivation stems from the dream of avoiding the 9to5. Other than just being genuinely passionate about this great game of poker of course. You can find this information in our Bankroll Builder section. And hopefully we can help contribute to stimulating the poker economy and pad your bankrolls!

Enjoy surfing our site, and stay tuned as we continue to build our site and brand with many exciting things to come! Our site is currently in the development phase, but we are growing and evolving by the day!