Americas Cardroom Newest Pro: Jeff Boski

Jeff Boski Poker

Appearing withered and defeated at the end of the WSOP 2017, Jeff Boski’s ambiguous last vlog left some  fans wondering if he would ride off into the desert sunset and kiss vlogging goodbye for good, leaving all the fame, glory and accolades to guys like Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, and TheTrooper97.

Boski hilariously goes on to list off his many redeeming, employable qualities in a moment of desperation post bustout of the 10k Main Event in hopes of finding a new line of work at the end of the vlog below.

Jeff Boski Resume

  • Some college education
  • A good “read” on people. Not just at the poker table. But in general
  • Somewhat of a monotone announcer voice

If you aren’t yet familiar with Jeff or his dry humor and frequent moments of comedic gold, be sure to check out our article Top 10 Funny Poker Vlogs and the story of Jeff vs. The Stinky Frenchmen.

Jeff then goes on to rant about the pitfalls of poker vlogging..

  • The filming and editing process for little to no reward
  • Shaking off jealous hater trolls online
  • The pain of reliving every hand he played bad 5 – 10 times

Jeff left us with the cliffhanger that he probably won’t be seen around any of your local cardrooms, insinuating his poker days were behind him.

Fans were devastated and hurt, making comparisons to such travesty’s as when Mash was taken off the air, unsure of how to deal with their newfound feelings of abandonment..

Jeff Boski PokerJeff Boski Poker

Jeff Boski Poker

Despite his incredible resume, Jeff apparently didn’t get too many job offers because he is back to doing what he does best after a 2 month hiatus: Playing poker and vlogging.

I mean did Boski really strike any of you as the type of guy to go and work a 9to5?

Over a year has passed since the poker vlog boom exploded, yet Boski is still the only exclusive tournament grinder.

We are excited to announce here at 9to5 that Jeff is finally getting some much deserved recognition for all of his hard efforts, as he has now taken on a role as a Poker Pro for Americas Cardroom. Jeff was kind enough to share with us in his own words what this means, and how it came about. Without further ado, lets hear from the man himself…

“ACR contacted me on Twitter a few months ago to promote their $540 1 million dollar Sunday tournament. They said they loved my Vlogs and felt I had a good viewer base for their targeted marketing.  I tweeted it out and they were happy with the exposure.
A few weeks ago ACR contacted me again to promote their 60 different ways to deposit using Crypto currency.  I mentioned it in a vlog and asked if they have any site pros.  They said no so I asked to join the team.  I would wear the ACR patch at Live events, promote ACR on social media and even live stream some sessions on my YouTube channel.  They thought this was a great idea.  A win/win for both parties so we crunched some numbers and came to a mutually beneficial agreement.
I am excited to play their upcoming $265 $1,000,001 weekly Sunday MTT that starts January 7th.
The BIGGEST weekly MTT on the internet!”

Head over to Jeff’s website, to learn how you can sign up tup receive up to a $1000 Sign Up Bonus on ACR, or use the Promo Code “Boski” when signing up.

If you want to do some tourney preparation before you start firing bullets on ACR, 9to5 recommends you first familiarize yourself with tournament bankroll management. There are also some great poker training sites dedicated solely to tournament play. Check out our reviews on PokerNerve and Tournament Poker Edge and start getting prepared for WSOP 2018!