Is Andrew Neeme Still the Top Poker Vlogger?

The general consensus within the poker community is that Andrew Neeme is the gold standard of poker vlogs. He has set the bar incredibly high, and inspired many others to pursue their own poker vlog dreams.

But is Andrew still the top poker vlogger?

To be clear, the context of a “poker vlogger” in this article is your Average Joe who didn’t yet have a name in the poker world and also films/edits all of their own material. For the sake of argument this discounts the likes of Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu, Jake Cody, Jeff Gross, Solve For Why (Matt Berkey) and Alec Torelli. While Doug and Daniel give us a good idea of what the potential market for poker vlogs and poker related content is as a whole, these guys also had a bit of a head start piggybacking off of their own brands, sponsors and already well established reputations within the poker community.

No disrespect to any of the aforementioned guys because they are excellent at what they do and contribute to poker, but 9to5 wants to recognize the top, everyday, blue collar, Live Low Stakes No Limit Hold’em grinder who started from scratch and grinds both on the felt and in the editing studio.

Andrew Neeme Takes the Cake

Best poker vlog is a personal preference of course, but if you were to base the top poker vlogger on subscriber base alone, there wouldn’t be much of an argument. Andrew Neeme sits at a healthy 75k subscribers as of writing this article, a whopping 45k ahead of TheTrooper97. Not far behind is Brad Owen with a 28k subscriber base, but what about all the rest?

If you take a look at the Like and Subscribe sidebar on the right hand side of this article, you can see where each vlogger ranks in their respective subscriber counts. Jeff Boski sits in a distant 4th place behind Brad Owen with 9k subscribers, followed by the rest of the pack. As of writing this article, all poker vloggers other than those named Andrew Neeme have a COMBINED 104k subscribers. These statistics speak volumes about the quality of Andrew’s vlogs, and the respect he has gained in a relatively short amount of time in the poker world.

This is no slight to the other hard working poker vloggers, but exploring why other poker vlogs may not be getting the views or recognition they assuredly deserve will be a topic for another article. If you’d like to venture down the poker vlog rabbit hole in the meantime and don’t yet know where to start beyond Andrew, check out our articles in the Poker Vlog News section for some recommendations.

Andrew Neeme’s Rise to the Top

Andrew’s ascension to the top seemingly happened overnight. TheTrooper97 was the pioneer of poker vlogs, but Andrew became the Casey Neistat of them. When Andrew first came onto the scene October 7th, 2016, TheTrooper97 essentially had a monopoly on the poker vlog market and 10.2k subscribers.

TheTrooper97 YouTube Subscriber Count

Within 6 months and 3 days of his Pilot Vlog, Andrew broke the 50k mark!

Andrew Neeme YouTube Subscriber Count

Fast forward to Christmas Day, 2017 and Andrew just released his celebratory 100th Vlog, doing it in typical Andrew Neeme fashion. Just watch the first few minutes of this vlog as he chronicles some of the best moments over the course of his journey and you can see why he is revered as the best cinematographer, editor and poker vlogger in the game.

Some of these top moments include his Pilot Vlog, sponsored trips courtesy of 888poker to both London and Barcelona to play in some of their live tournament events, and plenty of sights of the bright lights and sounds around his hometown and gamblers paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada.

A user on the 2+2 poker forums recently commented on this particular vlog, and nailed all of the great qualities Andrew’s poker vlogs possess that fans have come to love..

Andrew Neeme Poker Vlog

We can’t forget that TheTrooper97 is the OG of poker vlogs and without him there is a chance Andrew might not even exist in his current capacity beyond just another unknown Vegas 5/10 grinder.

Andrew Neeme is now a household name, right up there with the likes of Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

Andrew has alluded to TheTrooper97 being a big inspiration, along with Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk. The Andrew Neeme Effect even contributed to the growth of TheTrooper97’s YouTube Channel as you can see on his Social Blade graph below. TheTrooper97 gained almost 17k subscribers within 6 months of Andrew’s first upload!


Andrew’s newfound success inspired an influx of aspiring poker vloggers. TheTrooper97 was the pioneer who layed the groundwork and had the vision, and Andrew Neeme was the Chris Moneymaker of The Poker Vlog Boom. Thanks to both of these guys, poker vlog fans now have a plethora of poker vlogs to choose from. The great thing about the current state of the poker vlog market is that there is someone for everyone.

Finding the Next Andrew Neeme

If you don’t happen to be a big fan of Andrew or TheTrooper97, we have many other great options here at 9to5poker. Head on over to our Poker Vlog section and check out some of the other guys putting out great content such as:

Brad Owen, Jeff Boski, Matt Vaughan, Solve For Why (Matt Berkey), Jaman Burton, JohnnieVibes, PokerKraut, and PokerPriest just to name a few.

If you still aren’t sold on Andrew having the best poker vlog to date, let us know who your favorite poker vlogger is in the comments below!