Crush Live Poker Review

Crush Live Poker is currently offering a 30 Day Free Trial if you sign up TODAY! Access to playing poker in 2017 is easier than ever with the game being available through multiple platforms in all different countries. However being a winner poker player in 2017 is tough! And to compete you must use the educational tools available to you, with Crush Live Poker being the perfect example. People with an aptitude for numbers and math have taken it upon themselves to solve aspects of the game and played so many hands they’re now comfortable in almost every situation. It’s not just the experience that’s giving them the edge, it’s the resources out there. Resources like Crush Live Poker. 

Training sites have sprung up everywhere offering a jump start to people who are willing to put in the study time. These coaching sites offer a variety of information in multiple formats and let you understand concepts that might have taken forever to learn on your own. Or that you may have never crossed your mind.

There have also been a lot of developments in poker software. HUDs and tracking software that give your opponents a statistical advantage, so they can make more informed decisions against you.

The result is that online poker has changed from the game it once was, and in fact if you aren’t putting a lot of time and effort into learning and practicing using databases and running simulations you might struggle.

For this reason, amongst others, more and more people are turning back to the traditional game of live poker.

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Live Poker

Live poker is poker that is played in person, normally at a casino, and it’s growing in popularity. It offers the old school feel that players crave and the authenticity we see on films like Rounders that got us interested in poker in the first place. But it’s not just the feel of the cards in our hands that attracts us.

Generally poker players in casinos are worse than online. It’s because you have a lot of gamblers who have wandered over from the table games and decided to take a seat. You’ve also got some old school players who haven’t played online at all, so they’ve experienced far fewer situations.

Now this doesn’t mean that the all the players are bad and the game is simple, far from it. In fact live poker has it’s own unique skill set and if you aren’t staying on top of it you may well struggle to win at all. Nevertheless if you can get your head around some of the key fundamental concepts needed to beat the live game, you can win some good money!

Live Poker Coaching

If you’ve ever played live poker before in a casino you’ll know there’s a lot going on. It’s not just about the cards, there is an incredible amount of information to be had if you pay close attention. Emotions also have a big impact, and if you don’t keep your cool then tilt can ruin you. And it is important to be aware of your opponents whom may be going on tilt so you can exploit them!

This is is commonly referred to as a live tell. These are the body’s signals to other players that you might give off when you’re weak or strong, and you HAVE to stay on top of them or you’ll be crushed by the more seasoned players.

Then there’s the strategy for live games. You’ll need to adjust your hand ranges and other elements within your game because live poker plays quite differently.

Poker coaching is really important in the current landscape of poker if you want to win. Just like any athlete, if you’re serious about your game you need to be working on it constantly. A coaching or training site gives you access to that information that would normally cost you a lot of money to learn, at a much more reasonable price. If you’re serious about beating poker in the modern era you have to look at training sites. Namely Crush Live Poker. You need to ask yourself, is spending a few hundred dollars worth the $1000’s-$100,000’s of dollars I could win in the long term with that knowledge? Seems like a no brainer to us here at 9to5, but that is going to be for you to decide.

There’s a lot to take in and a lot of new ground to cover but thankfully there is live poker coaching available. A lot of these aren’t great and are very simplistic but we’ve found one of the best around – Crush Live Poker. 

Crush Live Poker has identified the key skills and put them in accessible formats so you can easily digest the information. It’s useful for new players or veterans looking to improve. Let’s take a look at the key features and evaluate the usefulness for you.

Crush Live Poker

Unlike many other poker training sites that have a live section, Crush Live Poker is dedicated just to live poker. It’s set up exclusively for those looking to get ahead of the competition and improve their win rates in casino games.

Crush Live Poker was set up by Bart Hanson who is a seasoned poker reg. He has over 15 years experience playing and beating live games for impressive win rates. Over his playing career he’s had some impressive achievements, including 5 WSOP final tables and he’s appeared on a number of ESPN poker shows. Bart has even commentated on events, showing his poker knowledge.

Bart Hanson has over $1,000,000 in poker earnings and has proven he knows how to win in live games. Through Crush Live Poker he’s assembled a whole team of pros who are proven winners and years of strategy under their belts. The stakes they play varies and some specialise in certain niches of live poker (emotional control, tilt etc), but they’re all capable players.

When choosing a training site it’s important to know who you’re dealing with so you know it’s a credible source of information. The Crush Live Poker roster of pros is impressive and each of them has knowledge they’ve learned through hours of play. Through Crush Live Poker you have access to this knowledge pool and all the tips, secrets and information needed to crush some live games. Let’s take a look at the key features.

Crush Live Poker Resources

Crush Live Poker has a slick and pretty easy to use website which is easily navigable. There’s a lot of content but you’ll find what you’re looking for pretty easily through their main menus.

Crush Live Poker have put together a lot of different information that’s important for players. They’ve separated it into different topics and sections and the information is provided across different formats for different learners. Whether you prefer articles or videos it’s all here.

Crush Live Poker Curriculum

Crush Live Poker have grouped together the important concepts and arranged different courses for players. This lets you identify what level you’re at and ensure you get a well rounded learning experience.

There are a variety of different curriculums for those of different levels. It’s worth beginning with the basic concepts before transitioning on to the winning fundamentals and more advanced strategies. However if you feel more comfortable then jump straight in to the higher level stuff and save some time.

Each of the curriculums are like learning pathways which organize the content you view so you build up a complete poker strategy for live games. It’s a perfect way to make sure you don’t miss anything and if you’re new to the game, or Crush Live Poker, then be sure to use the curriculum features.

There are a few very important things to consider when deciding which online poker training site is going to be the best fit for you. Check out this great article on the Best Online Poker Training Sites By HowToPlayPokerInfo to help you weight some of the various factors you may want to consider before signing up.

Crush Live Poker Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to learn new ideas because you can visualize it properly. Crush Live Poker has a whole collection of training videos based around different themes, so you can fire one up in bed or on the go!

The video content is mostly recordings of live sessions which are being reviewed. There are some more abstract videos which are used to illustrate specific concepts and have online hand replayers etc.

The Crush Live Poker Video content is pretty impressive for live games, especially given that it isn’t as simple as recording an online session. It’s a great way to watch and learn in a fairly casual way, and feels like you’re watching a more knowledge based high stakes poker.

Crush Live Poker Articles

Crush Live Poker release a number of articles every week. These are generally informative pieces based on a specific subject and often they use their own experiences playing to show certain concepts in action.

The articles are generally pretty entertaining but also useful when you’re learning and with constant new content being released it’s a great way to stay up to date with current trends in the poker world.

Crush Live Poker Podcasts

We all know that podcasts are great, especially for when we’re on the move and need something to listen to. The Crush Live Poker podcast is renowned for its popularity and content.

The regular podcast covers everything from poker current events, to strategy and even opinion pieces. The podcast is always unique and entertaining and another great way for you to stay on top of current trends and learn without the hard work.

Crush Live Poker Forums

Crush Live Poker has one of the most active and interesting poker forums out there, and it’s all centred around live games. There’s threads on all different kinds of concepts, from low stakes to high and there’s even some non hold’em content in there.

The forum is filled with other people at all different levels and it’s a great way to discuss things with your peers and learn from others grinding too. If you have a specific issue with a certain hand (JJ can be hard to play!) then it’s one of the best resources to use because it’ll almost certainly have the answers.

All of these resources come together to give a fairly complete package for live poker. There aren’t many other sites out there with the range and depth of content being offered by Crush Live Poker and with all the different resources available it’s certain to add value to your game.

Crush Live Poker Packages

Crush Live Poker

Crush Live Poker has 3 different packages available to suit different budgets and needs.

This is the lightest package and includes the podcasts, articles and the call-in show they host.

This is the most popular package and allows access to the podcasts, articles, call-in show and all of the training videos they host on the site.

For those who are most serious about poker there is the professional package. This features access to the podcasts, articles, call-in show, training videos and the top section, which has extra exclusive content.

Crush Live Poker has packages to suit different people and while you certainly get the most from the professional package it can be expensive for some people. Ultimately it depends what games you’re playing. If you’re playing bigger games then it’s a smaller proportion of your buy in and win rate, so you can afford the more expensive packages and bring more information into your game.

Crush Live Poker also offers a 30 Day Free Trial to get you started. It’s definitely worth checking out before buying any of the packages so you can see which level is for you.

Crush Live Poker Reviews

Crush Live Poker has gotten a lot of attention from grinders and in the forums. Overall people are praising the site as being really useful:

“Bart is really good at explaining what he is thinking and I think the training is solid for live players up to and including 5-10. It is always fun to hear the thoughts of a winning player.”

The only real criticisms of Crush Live Poker is that eventually you do learn enough to beat your current games. In reality though you can never know too much when it comes to live poker and they release so much new content every month that it’s proving really popular.

Is Crush Live Poker For Me?

If you aren’t winning in live games, or want to get your win rate up then Crush Live Poker is a really good option. They’re offering real, useful and practical information that goes beyond theoretical concepts and is grounded in actual gameplay.

The different resources they offer are attractive to a range of customers and the curriculums are perfect for anyone who enjoys structured learning. Whether you learn fast or slow there is something there for you.

Crush Live Poker is offering real insight into actual winner’s minds. It’s definitely true that coaching can only get you so far, we found it to be one of the best on the market which easily adds value to anyone’s game. The price is pretty competitive but as with all training/coaching you have to see it as an investment. The time and money you put in now should pay dividends in the end.

Overall Crush Live Poker is one of the best and most valuable resources on the market and should help improve your win rate by a fair margin. Check out the 30 Day Free Trial today and start your journey to becoming a crusher!

If Crush Live Poker doesn’t seem like a good fit for your specific needs, you may want to consider looking into some one on one coaching that is going to be more interactive and hands on.