Full Flush Poker Closes Down

In poker there is risk. Risk comes in many forms. It’s the chance our aces won’t hold up, it’s the shot we take playing in the bigger games, and the element of luck in the short term, and dealing the swings that come with the variance. EV is essentially calculated equity which analyzes our risk. A successful poker player’s life is full of risk, but the best players in the world do their minimize their risk and maximize their edge.

This is true when online poker players consider where to play. Whether you’re a full time grinder, or just like to play casual when you don’t feel like heading to the casino, you need to be aware of the risks involved. In the last 2 decades of poker there have been some prominent scandals that have left players with a significant portion of their bankrolls held hostage by companies they once trusted. Cough cough.. Full Tilt Poker. You have to take your time before you choose a card room. Look at their features and bonuses, but also take a look at their history and make sure you can trust them.

Behind the bright lights and flashy software there is often a darker side. Calculating individuals who are looking to fleece poker players and take your hard earned money are at the heart of certain companies.

However the poker community is great at exposing these villains and their institutions in the public forums so there is no longer anywhere for them to hide, and it is now common knowledge the online poker sites which you should avoid.

Full Flush poker is on our blacklisted list, and in fact has now shut it’s doors to players.

Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker was launched in November 2013 after Black Friday had shut down a lot of poker sites and severely limited online poker within the USA. Black Friday exposed one of the biggest scandals in poker history, Full Tilt, who were embezzling millions of dollars of the player’s money. It was in this environment that Full Flush Poker came to exist, and you would think they would have learned their lesson.

Full Flush Poker operated within the U.S and allowed American citizens to play in it’s cardrooms. At this time there weren’t too many cardrooms operating in the States so it had a decent portion of the market share.

Full Flush Poker at one point was reasonable successful. It was the most prominent skin of the equity poker network which provided it with a lot of traffic. It had partnered with sportsbooks, 5Dimes and SBG Global, which had poker side games through Full Flush. This gave them a big leap in exposure and let them grow rapidly.

Full Flush poker had a well developed and slick software. They had an easily navigatable lobby which could be personalized for the user. Full Flush Poker was remarkably similar to Full Tilt Poker, probably in an effort to fill the void, but looking back it was probably a sign of things to come.

The games on Full Flush were predominantly no limit hold em and ran up to the high stakes, however nothing above mid stakes ran frequently.

Full Flush operated with external rakeback and some competitive bonuses, meaning the user could earn a lot playing there. Despite their lack of diversity in the games they had good traffic on their cash tables, tournaments, and sit n gos.

Full Flush Poker Problems

It seems like Full Flush Poker had everything it needed to do well. In fact Full Flush did well on the Equity Poker Network for a number of years before issues with the platform and the site began to emerge.

Winning Players Excluded

In 2014 Equity Poker Network announced they would be fining the skins that had winning players on them. This was most likely to limit the amounts being withdrawn from their network and maximize their profits, while punishing poker players who had done nothing wrong.

This decision was extremely unpopular with the poker clients who saw it as penalizing users for no reason. It was seen as a selfish move on their part and a lot of the poker players parted ways with Equity Poker Network. Full Flush chose to remain, and implemented changes within their system.

Equity Poker Network really harmed their credibility with this decision and Full Flush Poker along with it. It was undoubtedly the beginning of the end for the poker site and showed the priorities of management did not aline with the players’.

Slow/No Payouts

As players we want to be able to access our own money whenever we want to. The system in America for cash outs is extremely slow across the board. The most common cash out is check, but the problem was that it was typically a slow process. Full Flush poker was no different in this regard.

Players on 2+2 and pocket fives both reported slow withdrawals, but also excessive fees, sometimes up to 30%. Nobody likes to lose money in admin fees, but If you were playing for a living it was just impossible.

Even worse now for the players is that cash outs are no longer being processed. In fact it’s been over 2 years since a cash out has been provided to any players. Many users have their fees locked up indefinitely with Full Flush poker which they aren’t able to access.

Apparently it’s not just their software and name that mirror Full Tilt software, it is eerily similar to what happened to Full Tilt users whom had their funds locked up on the site for years.

Full Flush Software Glitches

Full Flush has experienced software issues several times in it’s history. It was experiencing glitches up until it closed down in October 2016, and this was cited as the main reason for it closing. It’s concerning to have such software issues but fairly innocent, however most reports indicate this was the most convenient reason to give the players.

As Full Flush did not reopen its doors, and still hasn’t, we must assume that the problems go much deeper than software issues. This attempt to dupe the players even further is more damning of Full Flush Poker.

No Gaming License

After Full Flush Poker’s problems became more apparent the players and media began investigating further. It emerged that the Curacao Gaming License for Equity Poker Network had not been renewed and that in fact they would not be able to open their doors even if they wanted to.

This is worrying information for anyone who was holding out hope for Full Flush Poker to return and anyone who has money on their site. It shows the depth of the problems Full Flush has and indicates that they simply lack the resources to fix everything and reopen.

Full Flush Poker Closes Down

Full Flush Poker

In October 2016, after months of unprocessed cashouts, Full Flush Poker finally closed down. It claimed it was a software problem but after a few weeks the players began to suspect the worst. On their social media and website they kept pushing back deadlines to relaunch online but looking back now at the situation it was just a lie.

Full Flush Poker has now been closed for 8 months and does not look likely to reopen. It’s estimated that over $5,000,000 is currently owed to players and affiliates and It isn’t likely to be repaid at all.

Full Flush Poker Today

If you visit Full Flush poker today you’ll find very little. There is a notice up stating that they, and the Equity Poker network, have closed down permanently. There is some more information about players who have funds trapped but nothing substantial. We hope that players funds are returned but that Full Flush stays closed so that nobody else falls into the trap.

Full Flush Poker Management MIA

Historically Poker sites have gone down because of management taking players funds to support their lifestyle. With Full Flush Poker it’s likely the same and if players are not being reimbursed it is likely that they don’t have the money anymore.

Since the scandal Full Flush Poker management have been unreachable. It’s likely they have fled to avoid the fallout in the aftermath of the closure. There has been no respect shown to the players in how the situation has been handled. It looks as though they have scammed players and gotten away with it. If you do have funds trapped on there then we suggest keeping an eye on forums for the latest updates.

Full Flush Poker Scam

Unfortunately for poker players these scandals are far too frequent. Owners and managers take advantage of those who aren’t prepared or informed. The most frustrating thing is the lack of accountability for those owners. There are very few systems in place to keep them in check and let players air their issues.

Full Flush Poker have provided a perfect example of why we, as players, need to be careful about where we deposit and play. Big rewards can be tempting, but knowing who is running the operations and if they are credible is worth a lot. You’ve always got to try and find the balance of value and reliability and limit your risk as a player.

Full Flush poker have shown a lack of integrity and let the players down. They’ve harmed the industry as well because they’ll discourage other players, especially recreational players from jumping into the games.

Where can I play securely?

For U.S players especially there aren’t as many options as there used to be for online poker. There are a number of good options from reliable companies that you can feel secure with, they also offer decent bonuses for first time play.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino are relatively new to the scene and took over from Bovada Poker so they have a reasonably busy player pool. They have a range of games and some big level tournaments so you’ll find the games you want easily. They also offer a 100% bonus of up $1000. This is very competitive in the poker markets and will let you earn something back while you play. Ignition have shown their value and have given no indications that their site isn’t a safe poker environment.

America’s Card Room

ACR is a real favorite with the players because they’ve shown integrity. After Doyle’s Room collapsed and shut it’s doors, leaving the players unpaid, there was outrage. ACR bought the room and promptly paid everyone back before reopening under a new name.

ACR will quickly be America’s busiest online card room with some unique features like a straddle option and rabbit hunting. They are also offering a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1000 which is one of the best bonuses around. ACR have shown themselves to be good value and a secure environment to play poker.


BetOnline has been around for a long time and have never been involved in any major scandals. They offer a really impressive first time deposit bonus of $2500 which is unlocked by playing. They have a wide range of games, running regularly up to $2/4 limits and some well designed software.

BetOnline are definitely worth considering if you need a new online casino and card room.

Poker is a multi million dollar industry worldwide and unfortunately owners of companies like Full Flush Poker will look for ways to exploit it. Always look for information in articles, blog posts and forum threads for the latest information on poker clients before you use them and stay up to date as much as possible.

Hopefully everyone affected by Full Flush Poker will be reimbursed and we hope that there are no more scandals caused by selfish managers and owners.

Play Money Poker

If you don’t find yourself ready to trust a Real Money Poker site, we have some great alternative play money poker options. Check out our reviews for PurePlay Poker and Replay Poker to see if one may be a good fit for you!