Ignition Poker Review – $2000 Sign Up Bonus

If you’re a US Citizen looking for some online poker games you’ll know it’s slim pickings. Since Black Friday, online poker has been pretty lifeless. In the past few years some cardrooms have sprung up exclusively for the American market, and now Ignition Poker  has arrived! Taking over from where Bovada has left off, it’s offering the country great reasons to get back to the online grind.

Let’s take a look at the main features, gameplay and the pros and cons.

Ignition Poker

Ignition casino was founded in 2016 and took over Bovada offering casino games and poker. Ignition poker features specific games and styles to support the recreational player. These have proved to be popular with both regulars and amateurs alike.

Ignition has a modest player pool. They boast fairly consistent numbers and as part of the Bodog group they have a decent reach. It’s nothing like Pokerstars numbers, but their platform still offers consistent volume.

Ignition casino is one of the few online casinos in the world offering online poker to United States residents. Unfortunately they aren’t offering games to anyone in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland or Nevada. But if you don’t happen to live in those states, you too can play online poker in 2017! Ignition poker is currently one of the only cardrooms and online casino available to Californians, and our personal favorite here at 9to5poker.


Ignition Poker Bonus

Ignition casino has kept some aspects of Bovada, and remains fairly similar in terms of design and interface. They’ve worked to improve the experience and make it more user friendly. When you login you’ll see the screen above:

You can immediately see there’s a lot going on, with loads of different games. The majority are no limit hold’em, but there are alternative options too. The filters allow you to narrow down your search to your preferred game, or if you’re completely new to the game and software, you can check out the most popular varieties easily. Ignition poker doesn’t have waiting lists or let you choose a specific table – you just click and then you’re seated at your chosen stake with a game full of players.

Poker on the go!

Ignition has put time and effort into releasing a great app to let you play when you’re not at your desktop. You have the choice of cash games and SnGs to use on mobile devices and tablets, plus their “Zone” games. These let you fast fold and jump straight back into the action without missing a beat. Even though Ignition doesn’t currently host their whole range of poker games on the app, it’s definitely enough to keep you going on the commute! Just be sure to keep one eye on the road!

Other cool features

Ignition Poker is customizable by the user. You can select your design, table layout and cards as well as your betting buttons. Ignition poker also features the rabbit cam to let you see the cards even after folding – sometimes you just need to know if you would have got there! Just don’t let it put you on tilt when you would’ve! Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

The American Poker Room

Ignition is the number 1 poker room for the United States and they have worked hard to create an online poker option which is slick and efficient. You can focus on playing the game without stressing over technical problems with the downloadable software. Let’s explore their games:

Online poker at Ignition

Ignition is offering a varied selection of games including all the options you’d expect. With cash games and sit n’ goes around the clock and full tournament schedules from the afternoon onwards, whenever you login you’re going to find some action!

Ignition has taken steps to protect casual players from the predatory nature of sharks by introducing their recreational player zones. These have attracted a lot of less experienced players to the tables which has resulted in softer games!

Cash Games

Ignition Cash Game Stakes

Ignition cash games are running 24/7 with micro, low, mid and high stakes levels. The most popular options are texas hold em which is going from the micro levels all the way up to $3/6.

Ignition doesn’t offer some of the less common varieties of poker like razz or badugi, and doesn’t host any mix games, but for the majority of players this isn’t really an issue.

With PLO games running as high as 3/6 regularly, it’s a great option to throw in the mix to break up the No Limit grind.

Limit Holdem

Ignition casino is the home of limit poker in America. It offers games as high as 10/20. You’ll be able to test yourself against some great rounders and take advantage of some of the less experienced players. If limit poker is your game, then Ignition poker is your cardroom.

The cash games offered by Ignition are pretty much the best in the U.S. The poor player quality, high volume of games, and efficient software combined make it a great experience for the user, you’ll have fun playing at Ignition poker.

Online Poker Tournaments

Ignition poker have $2 million in guarantees every week! Their MTTS (multi table tournaments) run in the afternoon and then the evening. They feature buy ins from $10 or below up to $109 for those with bigger bankrolls. The daily tournaments from around 2pm – midnight feature guarantees as high as $12,000 and for the nightly tournaments this figure triples! You can be playing for a $30,000 prize pool with as little as a $50 buy in.

The flagship Ignition tournament features a staggering $100,000 guarantee and satellites run frequently for the major tournaments.

The most common tournaments are Texas Hold’em, but they also host some PLO and other varieties – be sure to check out the full schedule!

Ignition casino has a well rounded MTT schedule as you can see. They run turbos, knock outs and other varieties that mix it up so you won’t get bored easily. The guarantees are solid for the buy in amounts, and you can win big while risking small with Ignition poker!

Ignition Poker Sit n’ Gos

Sit and Gos or single table tournaments were once some of the most popular games online. As people have gotten better and edges have gotten smaller, it’s discouraged people from playing what was once an extremely profitable venture for most. Ignition poker still offers a varied selection of SnGs to choose from which run regularly, and are still very beatable!

They host Texas Holdem, Pot limit Omaha and PLO high low games ranging from $1 to $100 buy ins.

The SnGs are a great way to play tournament poker if you don’t have time for a long session. The lower buy ins run frequently, but if you’re looking to play a lot of the $100 Sngs you might have to look elsewhere because they just don’t run enough. For the majority of people Ignition offers a great range of sit and gos!

Zone Poker

Zone poker was developed to let people keep the action going. Instead of traditional poker where you fold and wait patiently (sometimes impatiently) for the next hand to be dealt, you’re thrown to the next table and instantly dealt in. This means a new hand instantaneously and fresh opponents to keep games from going stale.

The selling point of Zone poker is you can cram in so many hands in a short amount of time, quicker than video poker, and you’re always playing somebody new. This fast paced variety has made Zone poker the most popular format on Ignition and the games are constantly running.

Zone poker is unique to Ignition casino, it’s fast paced, fun and profitable. Jump in the action now!

Anonymous Tables

As part of Ignition poker’s commitment to a more balanced online poker experience they’ve created anonymous tables. Each player is given a number and their identity remains secret so you go in with a clean slate and no history to the game. This stops people from targeting specific players and bum hunting. This is a great way to encourage weaker or less experienced players to join in because they won’t feel like they’re at a disadvantage right away. It’s a popular choice and part of the reason that Ignition is growing.

Ignition’s game selection is great and we have definitely found them to be on the softer side. The traffic will be enough to grind from the comfort of your home and have some fun. The anonymous tables are a great addition to the games. “Zone” poker is perfect for the adrenaline junkies who are looking to put in the volume and get hands under their belt. Blackjacks version, or your crack cocaine of poker persay.

Rake and VIP

As most of you know, rake is the % that the cardroom takes as its commission for hosting games. Ignition currently takes 5% rake which is about the industry standard, and better than some of it’s competitors. They recently announced changes to 2017 which means the threshold where they take rake is lower (from pots of $0.20 and up instead of $1 and up). These changes have come about as a result of Ignitions growth. The surge in low stakes games means they have changed how they take rake, but the amount is still 5%.

Ignition casino offers a VIP program that ranges from bronze all the way up to platinum. At each level you’ll get more benefits with up to 25% cash back and your own host to help you out with any problems. As VIP systems go it’s fairly limited but it is free after all.

Bonus Codes and Promotions

Although Ignition casino’s VIP program is a bit limited, they offer some great promotions for first time customers and regulars. These include:

Ignition Poker Bonus Amounts

For your first deposit Ignition casino offers a 100% bonus up to $1000. This means a free $1000 just for playing. You’ll unlock it by earning points as follows:

Once you reach each level you’ll get the payout instantly. It can be tough to unlock it all, but MTTs give you 3 points for every $1 raked, so throw some of them into your grind to get the max.

The Royal Flush bonus lets you win up to $200. If you manage to get a royal flush using both your cards then you’ll get 100x the big blind of the game you’re playing up to the max of $200. This promotion is only available in cash games.

The bad beat bonus offers some great opportunities for the unlucky people out there. If you have a full house beaten by quads you’ll qualify for 100x the BB up to $10,000! That’s a lot of money to make up for the bad beat. Similarly this promotion is only available on the cash tables.

Ignition casino releases seasonal offers a few times a year and their promotions help make up for their lacking VIP program. Be sure to check for any new bonus codes.

Pros and Cons

Ok so we’ve been through the features of Ignition and explored the games. Now let’s examine the pros and cons.


  • Player pool

Ignition has the biggest player pool in the U.S which translates into more games for you to play. Not only are they the busiest games, they’re also some of the best. Their anonymous tables attract recreational players which means there’s value to be had on the virtual felt.

  • Software

The software and interface is smooth and clean. There’s no real faults and it makes playing simple.

  • Guarantees and games

There’s a great selection of games for everyone and the large guarantees mean that there’s a lot up for grabs.

  • Fast withdrawals and good customer service

Ignition understands the market and know what people want. They credit withdrawals fast and offer productive customer service that helps solve any problems that might come up. The are definitely much better in this area than most of their counterparts in the online poker industry.


  • VIP Program

Ok so there are great sign up bonuses, but the VIP program is severely lacking. They aren’t rewarding loyalty and volume enough, and could improve in this area by adding more benefits for the customer.

  • Anonymous Tables

These aren’t necessarily a negative, they’re just not for everyone. Some people like the secrecy but others prefer to see their opponents and make more informed decisions. This is a feature that won’t please everyone, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if it is for you. The benefit is no more HUDs, or other software that can give your opponents an advantage over you due to the anonymity of it all. 

  • Limited Reach

Ignition is fairly limited in who can play, but this isn’t their fault but rather government policy. Hopefully in the future it can grow and allow more players online considering it is allowed in most US states.

Ignition comes out very positive overall in our books. It’s still in its infancy, but there are no scandals, and has been nothing but highly reputable since it came on the scene. 

Now Let’s see how Ignition compares to some of the global market leaders:

Ignition vs Partypoker

Partypoker is a well established brand name when it comes to online poker. They have a pretty good interface and a big selection of games. Ignition is a lot smaller, limiting itself to the US market, but has easier to navigate software. They have a smaller selection of games, but they’re softer with less experienced players. In a lot of ways Partypoker’s high levels of traffic works against it in the saturated market with sharks infesting the games.

Ignition is small but growing, and offers a lot that Partypoker doesn’t. 

Ignition vs Pokerstars

Pokerstars are the giants of online poker. They have the most traffic and largest games around (by a long shot). Ignition casino is tiny in comparison, but still offers great value to the players. While Stars does have high traffic and consistent action, the games are filled with regs.


Most users are pleased with their experience with Ignition. People find the games fun and the players inexperienced.

“It is an excellent site with plenty of action at the cash tables and always a few tournaments going on”


Another thing people enjoy is the fast cashouts – you can withdraw and get paid faster than almost any other poker site.

Common criticisms are related to the policy Ignition takes towards its games. More experienced players aren’t keen on the anonymous tables and lack of waiting lists. They feel it limits their edge.

Overall people seem pleased with the site and the way it is conducting its business. If you’re looking to make money it’s got the games for you.

Should I play on Ignition poker?

If you like playing poker in a fun, safe and profitable environment then the answer is yes. Ignition Casino is offering some of the softest online games around that are accessible to most states in the US. They offer loads of add on features and promotions that will benefit you directly. And did we mention Huge Sign Up Bonuses?

In a lot of ways Ignition goes way beyond what you’d expect, offering a great experience in an isolated market. There isn’t much competition right not for online poker in America and if their system/ games were only 50% as good as they are now, they’d still be one of the best options. Despite the lack of competition in the US, they still put a great amount of effort to keep improving

Ignition has found ways to attract lots of different players to create a diverse poker ecosystem. Sign up now to make the most of their games! For reviews on some of the other top Online Poker sites with the largest bonuses, also be sure to check out these reviews to help determine which poker site best suits you:

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