Charlie Gomez

Charlie Gomez

My name is Charlie Gomez, I started off just like everyone else did, as a losing player. I did valet for a year and used all my tip money to play poker almost every night. Sometimes I’d blow my whole pay check in one night. I got to the point where I’d had to sell stuff in order to have 1 buy in. I finally started to have more respect for the game and was studying daily for 1 hour. I stopped playing for 30 days and put in maybe 100-120 hours of studying. I started off with $100 online after that, and I tried a 20 buy in method grinding 5NL for 20 hours a week. I broke even my first 2 weeks which was better than I’ve ever played. In my opinion 5NL was tougher than playing 1/2 NLH live. I finally started beating the game after I realized players tendency’s, and started to take advantage of this. I moved up to 10NL, and then 25NL all the way to 50NL. When my roll hit $4k I jumped back into live games with about 20 buy ins at the 1/2 games.

Within weeks I met a kid who I noticed at the casino every day, named Danny. He showed me a deeper mindset to the game, a perspective that you can’t really find from online training sites. He later on introduced me to John who was another crusher and from here we developed a group chat going over hands, not always our hands, but hands we have witnessed live or seen on T.V and the internet. I over doubled my roll after my first 2 months of the vlog and decided to take a shot at Vegas for the WSOP. I did have to sell action to ensure I didn’t come back broke, but overall it was a learning experience and successful trip. I had my biggest tournament cash up to this point at the venetian 2.5 Million GTD for $4,975(SPOILER ALERT AHEAD).

I came back a way better poker player after this trip. I moved up stakes when I came back, and started playing 1/3 NLH, I occasionally take shots at 2/5, but prefer my shot takes to be in tournaments because that is my true bread and butter. My bankroll was almost 4x where we started in the beginning of my vlog. Fast forward to today, and I recently just booked the biggest tourney score of my life for $143k in the $2,650 No Limit Hold’em (Event #12), finishing 2nd in the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, Hollywood!

******The biggest score amongst poker vloggers to date 9to5 might add******

When I first started the vlog I was surprised to even have 100 subscribers. Now I have 1,000 subscribers and feel very blessed to be where I am in life. My goals for the next year are to double my roll and play in the Main Event for 2018! Life isn’t always about how much money you make or how successful other people view you, it’s about doing what you are truly passionate about and doing it to the best of your ability.

Be sure to check out Charlie’s Poker Vlog, and follow along his journey as you can expect some exciting and interesting things to come after his recent big score. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button!

Felipe Casanova

Felipe Casanova

I started playing poker about 15 years ago. I used to play home games for like $20 dollars, single table tournaments, and 1-2 Limit Hold Em Cash Games, as No-Limit was not around back then. Eventually, Florida allowed 1-2 NL HOLDEM but you could only buy-in for Max $100. That was definitely frustrating! The buy-ins were later raised and I started to grind 1-2NL.  Although it wasn’t going amazing, I was winning at a decent rate (I used an app to track my wins and losses). One day I decided to play 2-5 NL HOLDEM and it went really well for a while and I never went back to 1-2 NL. I do play 5-10 NL if there’s a long list for 2-5 NL , or if the 5-10 game looks good. 

My top spot to play cash games is Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, but I Also play at Magic City Casino, The Isle in Pompano, and Gulfstream Park on occasion. I love tournaments but don’t play them often, I’d say a couple a year. 

My greatest accomplishment has to be playing in my first WSOP Event ever and finishing in 14th place for a prize of $19k. 

My poker goals are to eventually feel comfortable enough to grind the 5-10 NL game regularly, and my tournament goals are to play the WSOP Main Event one day, to win a WSOP bracelet and/or to win a large Multi Table Tournament with a field of over 1,000 entrants.

There must be something in the water down there in Florida, because the South Florida vloggers (Charlie & Felipe) have had some serious rungood in tournaments lately. Be sure to check out Felipe’s Poker Vlog and see what the journey to a $19k score looks like! It was a pretty cool, inspiring watch, to see someone make a deep run in their first WSOP Event ever, and the genuine excitement that comes along with it.

Brandon Maddick

Brandon Maddick

Brandon Maddick was born and raised on a family farm in Lathrop, Missouri. As a kid, he would work on the farm and spent most of his summers gathering eggs, feeding livestock, and processing birds–he began full time work the summer before 6th grade. Eager to get off of the farm at every opportunity, Brandon enrolled in every sport and club he could in his small school and quickly built up a decent resume. 

Brandon went to school at Stanford and for his 21st birthday his friends surprised him by flying him down to Vegas (like literally they blindfolded me and put me in noise cancelling headphones and took me to the airport like that–I thought we were going gocarting). He was pretty disinterested in most games but quickly took a liking to poker. In between the pools and the clubs he would play poker at MGM and try to learn the game. After that weekend Brandon thought that one could make money in poker easily–yeah right!–and began to study. 

Now 22 yeas of age, he’s graduated from Stanford with Distinction (top 15%) and works at a startup in Redwood City, with the option to join McKinsey and Co. in the Fall of 2018.

Brandon is starting his vlog with $2,000 and aims to grow it to $10,000 with vlog-only sessions. He’s over $5,000 as of now. Brandon only plays ~10hrs / week due to his work, but puts out at least 1 vlog/week.

Brandon is one of the few Bay Area based Vloggers, mainly playing at Casino Matrix in San Jose and Lucky Chances in South San Francisco. So if you are curious of what the Bay Area poker scene looks like, be sure to check out Brandon’s Poker Vlog and you will be guaranteed to gain some insight!

Brandon is also at the beginning stages of his poker journey, which is guaranteed to be an intriguing watch. You will be able to see what starting at the bottom looks like, and witness his progression and the hardships that will inevitably present themselves along the way as he learns how to make it as a professional poker player.