PurePlay Poker

Poker is always changing. The landscape now is very different from 5 years ago, and infinitely different to 10 years ago. The game that was once entirely text based online has evolved, and is now featuring graphics, effects and visuals that are bringing the game to life. It’s not just the format that’s changed either, the players and their strategies have been adapting fast and the game is very different than it once was playing in the back of a saloon in the old days.

Online poker was a big driving force behind these changes. After Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event in 2005, the game quickly got picked up by the mainstream and this “Moneymaker Effect” changed the landscape of the game forever. People from all backgrounds started to play and wizards quickly began to break down the nuts and bolts of the game. Looking at the mathematics and focusing on strategy like never before, sharks soon emerged into the busy card rooms, looking to take advantage of weaker players.    PurePlay Poker

From there the predatory nature of poker revealed itself and players started to target the more recreational player. Poker became increasingly competitive and tough, meaning weaker opponents were getting absolutely crushed. As poker has shrunk back again (following Black Friday), the card rooms have become less busy, making it easier to identify the less experienced players, and of course the sharks whom you want to stray from. They may bite! Or take all of your money!

So here we are in 2017 and poker is tough! Tougher than it’s ever been. And what’s worse about it is that there wasn’t really a way to learn without going broke. Poker always has an element of risk, but when you’re learning you need to limit it and make sure you can live to fight another day. PurePlay Poker developed in this environment, offering a service of real value to those who enjoy poker.

PurePlay Poker- The social gaming site

PurePlay has been around for 13 years, first founded in 2004, and has been running games consistently since. PurePlay is one of the few safe spaces around where you can play for free. It’s a purely play money site where you play with play money. Think monopoly.

PurePlay, and the play money concept, has proved incredibly popular with poker enthusiasts and pros alike and it is currently the largest U.S operating poker site. The card room is full, with a variety of games to give the experience of an online poker site but without the deposits and buy ins. And hits to the bankroll!

Pureplay Poker

PurePlay exists to offer a risk free environment for poker newbies and those who enjoy the calculating nature of the game. Poker is much more than the money at risk, it’s about outmaneuvering the opponent and getting the best of it. PurePlay let’s you experience that without risking your hard earned cash. Let’s explore how it works.

PurePlay Casino- Risk Free Online Poker

So playing risk free sounds great, but actually it’s a difficult balance. People don’t always play the same if there’s nothing on the line, and it can mean you’re not getting the genuine poker experience. For the true poker experience there has to be the incentive to win right? Well PurePlay has managed to achieve this without the risk.

PurePlay Membership

You’ll need to register to get involved with PurePlay casino games. PurePlay casino has 3 different types of membership:

  • Free membership: As you might expect this is the free option. You’ll get chips when you register but you won’t be topped up every month. If you want more chips you’ll need to win them or purchase an additional pack. PurePlay has daily cash prizes for tournaments, if you’re a free member you’ll need to register in order to be eligible to play.
  • Player’s Club Membership. This membership costs $24.99 a month but is much more suitable for those looking to improve their game. You’ll get 5,500 chips a day, that’s 165,000 a month, and you’ll get 50 poker points a day (1500 a month). These let you enter tournaments and competitions to prove yourself competitively. There is also the use of the “reveal the cards” once per day. This let’s you see the flop, turn and river even if you fold and the action is over. It’s often referred to as rabbit hunting. Player’s Club Members get access to cash tournaments, skill based games and personalized statistics and player rankings so you can see how you’re doing and what you need to improve. Player’s Club Members will also be able to experience the software without any ads.
  • The top tier membership is the VIP Player’s Club. This costs $49.95 a month and will give you access to 1,000,000 play chips every month. You’ll get to play in all the games you like and experience everything PurePlay has to offer. You’ll have all the access to cash prizes and features that Player’s Club Members have, with some extras on top.

PurePlay Casino has a free month trial available so if you aren’t sure then make the most of the trial and test it out.

PurePlay poker is great in that its a combination of play money and real money. Each of the three membership packages gives you access to all of the games and a load of freerolls so you can actually win some real money.

Pureplay Poker

PurePlay Poker Gameplay

PurePlay poker is keen to give the genuine poker experience to their members and as such have a full complement of games to choose from. There are cash games, sit n gos and MTTs, all running pretty much around the clock. It’s important to experience the different structures of each game so you can work out what you enjoy the best, and ultimately create the strategy to defeat your opponents.

Once you’ve chosen the format, you can experiment with different poker varieties. PurePlay offers a wide range of different games including:

  • Texas Hold em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 5 card Stud
  • 7 card Stud
  • 7 card Hi/Lo

Almost everyone knows a bit about hold’em but if you try out the alternatives you might find something you can really sink your teeth into. The best players in the world are playing many different variations of poker these days, and this is your chance to experience them all without having to invest any money.

PurePlay has daily tournaments where you can play for cash. It’s not life changing money like say a WSOP Event, but it’s enough incentive for you to take the game seriously, improve your game, and eventually you could see yourself making some money from the games. Once you’ve played enough and proved yourself you will have access to the invitation only games. These exclusive tournaments run throughout the year and have some big prizes including WSOP packages worth $10,000!

PurePlay poker games are designed to mimic the online poker experience and they have a better selection than some real money card rooms. You’ll find all the games to give you some great experience and knowledge for free.

PurePlay Software and Features

PurePlay has designed their software to work effectively and be just like the mainstream real money card rooms. When you log in you’ll see the lobby laid out in front of you.

Everything is clear and it’s simple to navigate between poker and casino games. You’ll be able to customize the lobby using filters for what you’d like to see, a great way to jump straight to your favorite games once you’ve discovered them.

Pureplay Poker

Once you’ve found your game the tables have other options for you to customize.

On the poker table you’ll find you can customize the colors, card, table and the bet size options. There is a chat box for chatting with other players, after all it is a social site. The tables are laid out so the action is easy to follow, letting you open up a few and get some experience multi tabling.

Pureplay Poker

PurePlay runs through a downloadable client, but also has an app available for mobile devices. This lets you play on the move and get some hands in if you’ve got some down time. The PurePlay app has been developed well so it’s incredibly user friendly. Download it for free to test it out.

PurePlay has developed a pretty smooth operating system that lets you glide between games effortlessly. There are no real bugs in the system and it all works well. If you’ve come from one of the mainstream online poker sites like Pokerstars, you’ll notice that it is all a lot more basic and there are less options than you’re used to. Despite this, PurePlay has created some good software that is perfect for anyone new to online poker.

PurePlay Casino Benefits

PurePlay has made a great platform perfect for aspiring poker players. If you’ve seen it on TV and want to be a star, then it’s one of the best places you can start. There are a lot of training sites out there but PurePlay let’s you learn by playing, combining the theoretical side and the practical sides to give a well rounded experience. On top of that you can win real cash prizes!

PurePlay is perfect for people who appreciate the fun and skill of the game, but don’t have a bankroll set aside for it. Use it to gain experience so you can conquer the real money poker games someday.

PurePlay Poker training

PurePlay poker is the perfect first step into the poker world. Once you’re comfortable and ready for the real thing there are some great options out there to choose from. It’s important to look at the perks these sites are offering so you can limit your risk and get the biggest bonuses. For U.S Players there are 3 great choices that stand out because of their software, games and bonuses:


BetOnline has developed one of the best interfaces with fast software that allows you to find your preferred games easily. There’s a big first deposit bonus too with up to $2500 up for grabs, and reload bonuses throughout the year to encourage new players. The withdrawals are fast and they have proven themselves a safe environment to gamble comfortably in. Legal within the U.S, BetOnline are a good option for you to consider. For a more extensive review on BetOnline and how to get a huge sign up bonus click here.

Ignition Casino

Ignition casino have exploded onto the poker scene and are incredibly popular. They have a range of different types of poker, from micro stakes hold em up to high stakes Stud, so if you’re new to real money you can start small and then build. They’ve got a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $1000 which is a great extra on top of any winnings. Ignition Casino software is great too, with mobile games and in browser capabilities. Ignition is offering a safe and fun environment to play poker in some of the softer games around for U.S players. For a more extensive review on Ignition Casino and how to get a $2000 sign up bonus.

 America’s Card Room

America’s Card Room is one of the most well known card rooms in America, and it’s earned it’s great reputation. They’ve got slick, adjustable software, easier games and a huge selection of games. America’s Card Room VIP system rewards players the more they play, the more volume of games you play the more you’ll get back. America’s Card Room is growing rapidly and is set to be the number 1 U.S card room within a few years. They also offer a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1000 so setting up an account today could be very profitable. 
For a more extensive review on Americas Card Room and how to get a $1000 sign up bonus, click here.

Each of these card rooms are a natural progression if you’re transitioning from play money to real money. They’ve got great software, great bonuses and some of the weaker player pools for you to test yourself against. And their Tournaments have large guarantees allowing you to pad your bankroll in just one day1

PurePlay Casino Reviewed

PurePlay casino and poker are doing a great job by maximising the fun and minimising the risk. We really like the fact there are real money prizes mixed in there and that they are constantly improving the experience for the players.

PurePlay is the social platform for poker enthusiasts and perfect for casual players or aspiring pros. It’s the place for a social game and the place to learn and try out new plays. Use it as your first step on your poker journey so you come into the games eyes open and ready to play. Sign up for free today and remember to make the most of your free trial!