Top 10 Funny Poker Vlogs

Poker vlogs can be many things for us. Some watch for the scenery, cinematogrophy, and bright lights of Las Vegas. Others for insight into the lifestyle of a grinder and the educational component of hand histories. And it’s without debate that everyone enjoys the entertainment factor, namely the moments of comedic gold. And there has been no shortage of this across the board. So we decided to cover the Top 10 Hilarious Poker Vlog Moments here at 9to5poker.

This list isn’t ranked in any specific order, but we’d love for you to leave a comment below and rank them 1-10 to find out which one you guys think is the consensus number 1 of all time.

Not surprisingly, TheTrooper97 currently holds the trophy for some of the most epic moments caught on poker vlogs to date. Love him or hate him, he has been in the vlogging game the longest, pumping out nearly daily vlogs, all the while having one of the biggest, and most polarizing personalities of all the poker vloggers. If there was a recipe for hilarity to ensue, this would be it. This is not to say other poker vlogger’s aren’t hilarious, and some of their gems are included below as well. Without further ado, lets get started…

1) The magic starts at around the 8:51 mark in this one. The Troop partakes in the pursuit of a thief who stole from a disabled beggar on Fremont St. Thankfully he had the camera rolling, and caught the pursuit and aftermath all on camera.

2) You never know what you can expect to see on Fremont St on any given night. On this particular evening the Trooper gets distracted when he tries to determine whether or not a bums balls are hanging out as he’s sleeping in a corridor. The hilarity starts at the 5:34 mark..

3) Jeff Boski vs the Stinky Frenchmen. After failing to knock him out and instead doubling him up, Jeff has no other option than to call the floor and demand he go buy himself a stick of deodorant. The hilarity that ensues begins around the 5:10 mark..

4) During the Pokerkraut vs. TheTrooper97 weight loss challenge, Pokerkraut starred as Rocky Balboa in his own vlog. There are no words to explain, this one is a must watch. Start from the beginning..

5) In one of the best trolls to date, the Pokerkraut sends a package addressed to TheTrooper97 which Tim opens during his mail time segment. This is another must see. Start from the beginning..

6) TheTrooper97 on snow skis in Austria with a GoPro. Here he gets going a little too fast and captures an epic wipeout. You get a sneak peak at the beginning of the video, but fast forward to the 10:06 mark to see if the Troop survives without injury..

7) Here Rayz Rayl trolls TheTrooper97 a bit after Troop had passed through his hometown in Indiana on his Trip Across America. Rayz later on said in the YouTube comments and in his 2+2 thread that it was done out of respect for TheTrooper97 and only meant to be in good fun. Start from the beginning..

8) Ok so technically Doug Polk isn’t a poker vlogger, but he is a master troll. And his troll job in this video of his long lost sister Vanessa Selbst is the perfect example. The whole video is a must watch..

9) This video may not have been funny at the time. But it is old school, vintage Trooper, and I’m sure he can now look back at this and laugh a bit. This is the reality of what will happen if you head to Vegas with only a $2k liferoll, regardless of how big of a crusher you are. It is appropriately titled “Contingency Plan.” The setting, the music, and the tone make it an entertaining watch. And is a good reflection of how far TheTrooper97 has come since arriving in Vegas despite what his detractors have to say.

10) In this vlog, after being accused of being a racist by one of his opponents, TheTrooper97 quietly ordered the guy a glass of warm milk from a waitress to “calm him down,” and captured the aftermath on camera. Start watching at around the 6:05 mark..

Hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your thoughts/rankings/honorable mentions in the comments below!