Tournament Poker Edge Review

Since the poker boom in 2005 online poker has become immensely popular. With more and more competition everyone has been forced to up their game. Some people looked to their idols, others delved into the maths but the most popular way to learn how to play poker is through a training site.

Since 2010 there’s been an explosion of content to help you improve your game. Increasingly it’s become difficult to find the relevant information and discern the good from the bad. Wrong information can set your game back and ultimately cost you money so It’s important to know you can trust it.

Online training sites

Official training sites came about to teach people how to play poker. These offered guidance to beginners who were still learning the rules and seasoned veterans looking to sharpen their skills. They developed to fit the needs of the players who were looking to get better, beat their opponents and make more money.

Why look online for coaching?

To put it simply, online coaching is going to help you win. Everyone is getting better every day. If you aren’t putting the work in then you’re going to struggle to compete. Do you want to win money consistently? Do you want to be the best? Everyone knows that Phil Ivey is one of the greatest poker players of all time- maybe the best in the world right now. That greatness comes from work and improvement so if you want to be as good as him you have to learn as much as you can. Online training sites have made it much easier to find the right content that can take you to the next level. If you want to be the next Phil Ivey then finding the right training site is the place to start.

Which training site is right for me?

With the market so saturated with training sites It’s important to weigh up all the options and consider the benefits to you. The most important elements for us are:


We want to make sure we’re getting tips and guidance from proven winners. The people who are giving the training matter.


This is about the content itself that is put out by the training site. We’re looking for quality content we can use easily.


The content needs to be varied and coming from several different sources. The variety helps you learn and make the most of the training.


One of the most important features is cost- we have to make sure we’ll get benefits that are worth the cost.

With these criteria we can start to determine where the best training sites are and evaluate them effectively.

Tournament Poker Edge

Tournament Poker Edge (TPE) is the training site for tournament (MTT) players. Launched in 2010 It’s become a popular choice and is home to some of the best pros in the world. They began with the idea of giving back to the poker community by showing them the path to being successful. TPE is proud of It’s interactive and engaging content and is always looking to improve itself. It’s been around a long time in the poker world (which moves quickly) and has established itself at the forefront of poker knowledge.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features.

Tournament Poker Edge Features

TPE is a hub of poker information in multiple formats. They’ve taken information straight from the biggest winners in the game to produce some great quality content. TPE has a well developed website that is very simple to navigate.

Through the lobby you can login to access all the main resources available.


One of the most popular ways to learn is through videos. These are easy to digest and you can load one up during your down time to learn some tips. TPE has some of the highest quality videos around, the audio and visual quality is high which makes for really easy viewing. They keep all the content fresh, releasing up to 5 new videos every week so you’ll always have something interesting to watch. They keep the formats of each video different. These include:

Theory Videos

These are often in powerpoint form or some other display. They’re great for picking up some key concepts and learning up to date plays.

Session reviews

Pros review their sessions and let you find out their thought processes behind key decisions.

Live sweats

Probably the most interesting videos are the live sweats. Watch pros play an MTT live on the video and see all the different situations that come up. This is the perfect way to see theory meet implementation.

Hand histories

Some Pros let you send in hand histories for review. This is great for anybody looking to find any leaks or problems in their game.

The interactive format of the videos makes learning so much more fun. You’ll really enjoy watching and you’ll improve as you go!


TPE has busy forums filled with all levels of players. Forums are perfect for learning for a number of reasons:

Loads of Topics

Forums have threads on pretty much everything. It’s a great way to get a specific answer to a specific problem and find what you need.

Find your voice

If a specific topic doesn’t exist it’s your chance to create it! Share your knowledge and maybe find gaps you didn’t even know were there.

Range of opinions

In forums you’ll have input from pros and recreational players alike. They all come from different games at different stakes but you’ll quickly realise you’re not alone with certain problems.

Interactive learning

The best thing about them is the conversational nature. You can comment and reply until you puzzle out the best solution together!

TPE forums are extensive. They have a long history in the digital age and have grown to cover almost anything you’d need (about MTTs that is). The best part is that you’ll feel like you’re part of the community from the very start.

Articles and Blogs

TPE has authored numerous articles and blogs focused on different topics. These cover lots of topics from pre flop play to check raising rivers. They’re all designed to be informative and let you take something away that’s actionable. TPE has shown their depth of knowledge about online poker and tournament poker through these posts. Some of these aren’t behind a paywall so I encourage you to check them out today and see why TPE is worth the money.

Tournament Poker Edge University

One of the unique features of TPE is their University. This is a training program specifically designed to find the flaws in your game and iron them out. Through the 16 part series you’ll cover everything you need to know to be a successful MTT player. It’s something the competitors aren’t offering and is valuable to players who are ready to study hard.

Tournament Poker Edge University features all the latest up to date content across a range of mediums. Whether you prefer a video on the side while you grind, or an in depth article about the maths, there will be something there for you to learn from. The variety doesn’t compromise the content, all of it is designed to help you improve and give you information that could take you a long time to learn on your own.

Tournament Poker Edge Pros

We’ve examined the resources that TPE is bringing the user, now let’s look at the reliability.

TPE boasts an impressive roster of professionals who create the core content for the site. These include:

Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, Jonathan Wein, Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin, Tim “TTwist” Kelly, Shaun “Cougars4444” Hendrickson, and Charles “Hagbard Celine” Sizemore.

Most people who have been playing poker will have heard of at least some of these guys but If you’re just starting out all you need to know is that these guys are crushers. Collectively they’ve won pretty much every tournament out there and seen successes online and offline. Together they’re releasing the majority of the content to TPE which you, as a user, can benefit from.

The high level of content coming from these legends of the game is impressive. To have so many successful pros producing training resources ensures the authenticity of the site- you’re getting first hand insight into proven winners minds.

Membership Packages

TPE offers 3 different membership packages. You can sign up monthly for $39.95, get it at $33 if you buy quarterly or get the best value for the yearly package where you only end up paying $24.99 a month!

One of the great things about TPE is that there are no sign up charges and It’s really simple to end your membership or start it again. Even at the most expensive rate of $39.95 it’s a great price for access to all the content they provide.

Tournament Poker Edge vs. Run It Once

Run it Once is one of the most popular poker training sites around. Started by the high stakes legend Phil Galfond. It has an impressive list of Pros from the highest stakes around- including Sauce123. Run it once has pro videos, a forum and other features to get content to the user. Unlike TPE they have chosen not to focus on one area of training but instead have everything from cash games to MTTs, Holdem to Mixed games. This variety is great for the user but at the same time means they’re spread a little thin.

TPE’s decision to focus on MTTs is one of their biggest strengths and means they can produce top quality content every time. For run it once their tournament content is limited, their cash game content is much better.

Most importantly Run It Once are charging $100 a month for access to all of their content. This is limiting for low and mid stakes grinders who are trying to find something that won’t break their bankroll.

While they are offering slightly different services TPE has an edge in it’s focused coaching and more cost effective training site. Hopefully TPE expands into cash game coaching and we can do a more in depth comparison!

Tournament Poker Edge User Reviews

Let’s take a look at what the users themselves are saying about TPE.

“It is cool that all theory is geared to one mode of play. I still listen to the podcasts”

MTT players speak highly of TPE and really appreciate that the content produced is focused on one format. Other users really like how they can take the ideas and implement them directly into their game.

“Id say TPE has made more of an impact on my game than anything else.”


The mix of practical application and theory let’s you change it up to create more profit from your play.

All in all players appreciate the value they get from TPE. It’s cost effective and provides useful information that can really benefit players of all levels.

“I’m a member and I like it. It has improved my game a ton. The price is the lowest I’ve come across.”


Tournament Poker Edge Benefits

TPE gives a lot of benefits to it’s users. It’s providing a knowledge base that is essential for any winning players to have- without it you just can’t win long term. The pros have great results and getting an insight into their mindset and mentality is practically priceless.

One of the biggest benefits of TPE is the fact that it is geared towards MTTs. Tournaments are widely considered where the money is in poker now and that’s been proven by Fedor Holz and his multi million dollar upswing of a Summer. He’s taken his game to the next level and been able to win back to back high rollers against the best players in the game- TPE is allowing you to do the same.

The variety and up to date nature of the content is also a huge benefit to the user. You’ve got access to all the information you’ll need in multiple formats, at one of the lowest prices on the market.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing low stakes of planning to play the main event of the WSOP there is plenty of benefit to be had from tournament poker edge.

WSOP here we come!

TPE is offering you the tools to make your game the best it can be. Summer, and the WSOP, are just round the corner so it’s your opportunity to make your mark. Become the next Fedor Holz, Phil Ivey, or Jeff Boski and grow your game with TPE. Let’s face it, we all want to be like Fedor!

Tournament Poker Edge is both cost effective, and effective. Make sure to check them out when you’re picking your training site.