BlackChipPoker is terminating bots once and for all

If you play online poker, you definitely loathe the very notion of bots.  Let’s face it, bots are more than just a way to game the system.  They also destroy what’s great about online poker, namely being able to play against other real players from around the world.

While bots seem to have the upper hand at most online poker sites, they simply don’t stand a chance at BlackChip Poker.  The US-facing poker site has been winning the war on bots for over a year.

You probably know that most online cardrooms try to stamp out bots using statistical analysis, mouse movement detection and things like captchas.  Unfortunately, these measures aren’t perfect.  BlackChip Poker does use these methods, but that’s merely a starting point. 


BlackChip Poker’s secret is that they regularly update their poker client to strip bots of the data they need to perform basic functions.  It’s so simple that it works perfectly to the point that bot software companies like Shanky technologies and Inhuman Poker admit that their software no longer functions at BCP.

If you’re worried that bots are going to adapt to BCP, you can sleep easy tonight.  BlackChip Poker has a transparent and verifiable banned account policy.  The poker room will inform the public when a bot is banned and give refunds to affected players.

Declaring victory in the bot war is worth writing home about, but save yourself some ink.  BCP is about to follow up 2019’s $5 Million and $6 Million GTD Venom tourneys with an even more massive $7 Million GTD Venom.  This incredible multiday tourney gets underway on July 24th.  If you don’t want to shell out $2,650 for a seat, win your spot for just $0.25 by playing Cyclone Blitz Poker satellites.

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